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Pet Poultry

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[07 Jan 2012|09:53am]


I was wondering if anyone here have automatic door timers on their chicken coops. Are they any good? Worth getting? Any particular ones any better than any others?

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Moulting help [04 Dec 2011|03:23pm]

Just a little something I wanted to pass along... I had a bag of dry cat food that my cats didn't really like (no idea why, as it was Royal Canin lol) but I wondered if I could feed it to my chickens so I did some internet research.  Turns out it's not only okay to feed it to them, it's actually a good thing to do this time of year when they are moulting due to the protein in it.

Just thought I'd share.  :)
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House Chicken [07 Jun 2011|10:36pm]

Hi so, a question for those of you who have house chickens. Does anybody here have a house chicken? Because I think I might have one. I had three (maybe four) hens determined to set so I let them and they all sat on the nest together (well a couple of them did, the others sat whenever the other two left). So 3 chicks hatched. There would have been a couple more but once the first ones broke the shell all four hens lost interest in sitting on the rest instantly. They were much better mamas last year. But the bossiest hen took over two of the chicks and set on a mission to peck the third to death. I left him out for a couple days thinking one of the other hens was taking care of him (and she sort of was but not really very well). Finally I saw he had a big open sore on his side and I knew he would die otherwise so I brought him into the kitchen. That was my first mistake.

To keep him from crying so much (it's a tiny house and you all know how crazy loud these baby birds can get) I let him sit with me. I figured he'd appreciate the body heat. But he decided he liked sitting on my shoulder. And he cries less when I let him out of the box, so I started doing that when he was making me especially crazy, discovered by accident that he will come when I tap my fingers on the floor. He likes to be picked up.  This morning I woke up and found that he'd gotten out of the box on his own and he came running straight up to me. A friend came over for the weekend and she named him (Benedict Cumberbatch). I really try not to name them before I'm sure whether or not they are roos. Although I really think Benedict Cumberbatch might be a pullet. It'll be a nightmare if he's not. I'm not keeping another roo but I don't know how I can send this one to freezer camp. And as adorable as he is I know he won't be as handsome as his daddy.

Anybody here have something like this happen to them? If so, what did you do? Is there a friendly chicken living in your house right now?
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This is weird. [27 May 2011|11:36pm]

I've never seen this before. Noticed one of my young male button quail looked kind of bloated, so I picked him up, and it was like holding a balloon. His abdominal cavity feels like it's filled with air, to the point he's almost spherical. I don't mean like his organs or a cyst, I mean it's like he was inflated under his skin. I didn't find anything wrong by holding him- he's moving around, eating, and defecating normally, and his vent's clean. Still, I can't imagine this is comfortable for him.

Does anyone know what this is? And how do I deal with it? Do I wait it out, is it something I can treat at home, or do I need to call my vet?
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Breeds? [27 May 2011|09:07am]

Hello! My husband and I are hoping to get a few hens this summer, and we're currently researching breeds.

What we're looking for -
-Big and sturdy, calm, friendly. We're looking for pets.
-We've got three dogs who won't be allowed with the chickens unsupervised, but we obviously want a breed that tends to take the commotion of a busy yard in stride. I know individuals have their own personalities, but a breed tendency toward not being nervous and jumpy.
-Doesn't need to be a very prolific layer. We'll be thrilled if it is, but that's not the primary concern. Also don't care about egg color.
-The most important thing is that it likes to eat bugs, and a lot of them. The place we're moving into has a bit of a tick problem and we're hoping the chickens will help keep it under control.

We'd like a bit of variety, so will probably get more than one breed. We're thinking three to four hens.

Any suggestions for us to look into? Thanks!
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plant recs needed and hello! [19 May 2011|10:45pm]

I'm so excited to have found chicken people on lj. I've had my flock about a year now and every day is still an adventure. I never know what they'll be up to. I have 9 hens who are free range during the light hours but I lock them up at night from predators.

They've become some of my favorite photo subjects.

That photo was taken after we had tornadoes come through but luckily nothing touched down here. They just got wet. My current battle with my gals is keeping them out of my garden. I think I've found the solution. It involved a lot of time and bird block, but I think I will have both chickens and tomatoes this year. For the beds I'm not blocking away, I need some suggestions for chicken hardy bushes. I'd like something that can flower in the partial shade that the chickens won't ruin. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Molting or not? [19 Mar 2011|12:36pm]

I've had chickens for two years (I have 6 hens and a rooster) and I can't tell if their bare backs and sad wing feathers are due to molting or too much attention from my rooster.

They molt in late summer, it seems like, and then over the winter, when they spend more time in the coop because of the snow, they stay like that. In the spring they start getting their feathers again, and are only pretty and full feathered for 4 months or so before the process starts again. I hate watching them like that, especially in the cold winter. They have a short spell of not laying in the fall when it starts, but they lay wonderful quality eggs all through winter and spring, even though they have no feathers on their backs. I understand about molting, but this seems like it is more than that. Occasionally they have scratches on their backs that take a while to heal, and I know they're from my rooster. He's such a sweet guy, he's just way bigger than the ladies, and chicken love is rough stuff. I don't want to get rid of him, but I don't want my ladies to stay all beat up like this! Any ideas?
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[14 Mar 2011|01:16pm]

Want a lovely rooster?
He's gorgeous, non-aggressive, would make beautiful babies.
Available in 94580, beyond by arrangement.
We love our chickens, but he's a crower, lives relatively near the house, and with a baby coming, we really need sleep.
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probably a stupid question, but my googleing skills aren't helping... [24 Feb 2011|05:53pm]

background: i have a barred rock hen and a rhode island red hen. they are....shoot....close to 3 years old now.

about six months or so ago, someone in my neighborhood found a baby chicken in her backyard, and her cat was attacking it. she ran over and asked if i wanted it, and i said of course. after about a month of keeping the baby in a cage in the backyard so that the girls wouldn't kill it (which they were pretty intent on doing whenever i let it out), everyone got along pretty well. (yeah it sounds cruel, but the baby became too attached to me, so i had to put it outside with them so that it would learn to be a chicken or whatever).

then, one morning, it started to crow. and it was way louder and way more purposeful (and way earlier) than my dominant hen. anyway, he's a he, and since he's WAY smaller than my hens, i'm assuming he's a bantam. i did some googling, and i'm pretty sure he's a rosecomb.

my question:

this is the first spring my girls have spent with a boy in their midst (yeah it's already spring here, girls are laying again, etc.). is there any chance that there are chicks in our future??

to put it more succinctly: can/will bantams breed with big ol' barred rocks/rhode island reds? esp. the barred rock, as she has gone broody a couple times in the past 2 years, so i guess she's more likely to make babies.

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My button quail! [06 Jan 2011|03:34pm]

A photo I took while cleaning his terrarium. I'm not holding him too hard, just two fingers gently on either side of his head, it is so he won't escape! You can really see his sweet, gentle expression in this photo. He was a resque quail, and though he still has a bald little head, many feathers did return.

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Gaahh--! Voodoo! [07 Dec 2010|05:36pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I was taking photos of the chickens the other day. Now, it's a universal truth that chickens, when they see you point a camera at them, immediately present you with a lovely view of their hind ends and/or run away.

I'd just gotten a good shot of Rugger and Yoya lined up...framed nicely, they are actually holding STILL for a change...my finger hovers over the button, aannnd...

Gaahhh--! Dang it, Voodoo! It's like a bad vacation snapshot.

Photobombed by a chicken.

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Video of my button quail! [02 Dec 2010|03:38pm]

This video I just made, so you can all see how he is doing. This really shows his cute personality well! Ignore the TV noise, and I was just changing him so he has more water now.

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One hen not laying [14 Nov 2010|06:52pm]

Hi all! I'm new here, looking forward to posting pictures--especially of my toddler with the hens. It's just a bucket of adorable.

I have a backyard flock of five (2 easter eggers, 2 barred rocks, and a leghorn). Four of them started laying in September, but one of our green-eggers is holding out on us.

She's not a rooster, so any ideas as to what could be going on? I know that weather and season can stop laying, but we're in a very moderate part of northern California and the other four aren't troubled at all!

They're all seem to be in good health and lovely girls, I'm just concerned that she hasn't ever *started* laying. I appreciate your help!
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My resqued button quail! [09 Nov 2010|03:59pm]

http://community.livejournal.com/parrot_lovers/4433595.html Click there to read his story! <3

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[19 Oct 2010|09:26pm]

Hey all! My mother in law and I are both chicken lovers - she's been in the chickeny business for many many years, and I'm just starting out. She's teaching me all about how to keep them properly. I thought I'd show you some pictures of our beautiful chickies :3
Unfortunately I do not have many pictures of our hens, as we just had to cull most of the layers. A mysterious illness infected most of them, and the medication would have made their eggs toxic to eat. 

We mostly keep dorkings, and we have silver grey dorkings at the moment. We have a bunch of red dorkings in the incubator at the moment, and they're due to hatch today or tomorrow, so that is exciting :3 We have a few large leghorns, blue araucana's, welsummers, australorps, brahmas, 6 ducks, and millions of quails. Along with our dorkings, of course.

Here are some pictures!
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My girls and eggs [22 Sep 2010|07:00pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Wanted to share a video of my hens Henrietta, Zucca and some of the eggs I get. At the time this was a lot of eggs. But all 8 are laying now and I have a lot more than this.

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Group dust baths lol [02 Aug 2010|10:24pm]

My 11 silkie teenagers and 6 silkie peeps have all gotten in the habit of doing DOG PILE baths together. (the peeps are separate from the teens, no worries on them getting squished).

One starts a bathing hole and instantly like 4 to 5 others are on top, all kicking and digging and flapping and rolling together in one big puff ball of dust bathing. lol

I will TRY to get video of it, but my critters do tend to be camera shy (it's ridiculous! how suddenly they're afraid of mamma when that camera comes out).
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[02 Aug 2010|06:02pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Finally got an unbroken egg from my Black Copper Marans hen! Here it is pictured between some lighter brown eggs from my Brahmas. She's been laying pretty well for a little while now but for some reason the other hens were destroying her eggs as soon as they were laid. I even watched & waited when I knew she was in the nest box but the other hens still beat me to it. I rearranged the nesting spaces the other day & it seems to have worked so far!

My beautiful black Australorp hen is no longer with me :( so I'm extra happy to have this hen laying now!
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Yesterday sucked. Here's something that is cheering me up though. [22 Jul 2010|07:24pm]


Not to be a huge downer, but yesterday truly sucked. We had to have our one dog put down. He was only 8. Stricken with lymphoma.
He was a WONDERFUL dog, and we have a huge hole in our family now. 
But I digress, the day before yesterday we had a hatch. Only 1 so far, waiting on 8 more. She sat on the 1st egg sooner, so it's to be expected. Momma is doing a good job taking care of the baby, and still sitting on the other eggs. But I let her out for a bit today. 

Pics below. 

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yay, chicken shirt! [12 Jul 2010|10:17pm]

Yes, shirt, not that other word. ;) Shirt.Woot has a very cute shirt with 4 hens having a friendly "chicken fight" in the water. Only $10, only today, thought I'd pass it along!
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